Independent Security Risk Assessment

Independent Security Risk Assessment

Alwinco Alwinco’s (ALWays IN COntrol) approach to security is holistic and we look at the risks and solutions from every angle. None of these angles benefits us in any way as we do not sell or install or get a slice of the profit-pie at the end of the day. The solutions we recommend are purely because it fits your specific risk.

To sum it up, we are INDEPENDENT.

Vision Statement

As Security Risk Assessors, our aim is to continuously educate and convince those in leadership positions regarding the importance and value of ensuring that regular Independent Security Risk Assessments are conducted. We strive to educate and familiarise as many people and entities within all the different sectors about the Security Risk Assessment and the numerous benefits thereof.

Mission Statement

Through empowering individuals and organisations with the necessary and relevant knowledge and training, Alwinco will provide everyone with the means and methods in which to effectively guard and secure their fixed properties against crime.

Understanding Security & The Independent Security Risk Assessment

  • The Independent Security Risk Assessment is not a Product Assessment
  • Security is Will Power
  • Crime is too late
  • The Independent Security Risk Assessment will provide you with a complete security solution covering all aspects
  • Your Health & Safety Report is not an Independent Security Risk Assessment
  • Security is not a “Once-Off” solution
  • Control is key
  • Security is not Guesswork
  • The independent assessor is your ‘Security GP’
  • Security is not just hardware
  • Combat Crime Proactively
  • Any company that is affiliated with a product, brand or service cannot provide you with an Independent Security Risk Assessment report
  • NO Independent Security Risk Assessment = NO security
Let’s Talk Security

We have been invited on numerous occasions to act as guest speakers on both international and national platform on a variety of subjects regarding or relating to Security. There has been active participation in seminars, conferences, corporate functions, expos and exhibitions to mention but a few. We regularly attend several business forums, security meetings, community meetings and SAPS meetings, most of which we chair.

The sharing of knowledge and networking is of a great importance to us and we enjoy and appreciate such opportunities as made available to us. We actively endeavour to educate all about the Independent Security Risk Assessment through articles, blogs, online discussions, newsletters and publications such as in the Hi-Tech Security Solutions magazine.

Specialists in Independent Security Risk Assessment

A Security Risk Assessment is a rather new and unfamiliar concept in South Africa. Further misunderstandings are generally caused by the fact that we do not all speak the same ‘security’ language.

Other terms used to describe this invaluable tool is:

  • Security Survey
  • Threat Analysis
  • Risk Identification
  • Physical Security Audit
  • Security Inspection
  • Vulnerabilities Assessment

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