Job Opportunity (Security Risk Assessor)

Become a Security Risk Assessor

Alwinco is looking for highly talented persons who wish to gain a deeper understanding of Security Risk Assessments.

Experience in Security Risk Assessments is not necessary, however, experience in the security industry will be to your advantage. PR, Marketing and Project skills is beneficial.

This is a unique opportunity to increase and develop your skills which will unlock a plethora of doors for you.

Learnership program

The Learnership Program is for individuals who want to advance their career in the challenging and diverse world of security assessments and consulting.

The learnership program offers a ‘Spotter’ position which will provide the necessary skills and knowledge to become a Security Risk Assessor. A ‘Spotter’s’ responsibility is to ‘spot’ which companies require Independent Security Risk Assessments.

This position is ideal for anyone looking to earn an additional income. It is also the first step to becoming a Security Risk Assessor.

Understanding the concept

Many individuals do not understand the concept of a Security Risk Assessment. During the Learnership Program, we will teach you the definitions and concepts and we will point out certain aspects that need to be looked at when identifying risks and providing solutions. Conveying the findings without fully understanding the concept, it will be very difficult, if not impossible.

The success of an Independent Security Risk Assessment lies in the understanding thereof and a vital part of the process is to ensure that your client fully understands this concept.

Clear communication

Not being able to clearly communicate the purpose of the assessment as well as the findings and solutions will create distrust and will certainly result in failure. While the ability to communicate cannot be taught, we will provide you with the tools to equip yourself with to optimize your chances of success.

To assist in the process of understanding what an Independent Security Risk Assessment is, and to encourage people to learn new communication skills, we believe that the ‘Spotter’ program will be the perfect learning tool.


The ‘Spotter’ program is low-cost to everyone involved and works on a commission basis. If you successfully ‘spot’ a company that requires our service, you will receive a commission. Alwinco is a virtual company which makes working from any location a possibility.

The next step

As soon as the ‘Spotter’ becomes familiar with Alwinco’s concepts and processes, understands the concept of a Security Risk Assessment and can clearly and effectively communicate the information, we can proceed to the next level. This is where we will teach you how to conduct a Security Risk Assessment from start to finish and most importantly, how to write this Assessment to ensure that your client receives a living document that will form the foundation of their security.

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