Job Opportunity 1

The following is an ideal opportunity to earn some extra income for students or any party that may have an interest in Risk Assessment and security:

A part of our business at Alwinco is to introduce and familiarise individuals and companies with the concept of the Security Risk Assessment. Currently this is rather new in South Africa and is therefore not very well-known, if at all. This also results in there being a general misconception of the goals and principles behind the assessment. Bearing in mind that we would by and large like to spread the word of the Risk Assessment; we offer this opportunity to those who would like to assist us in this matter and will which whereby, if you prove successful, become a very lucrative interaction to the participants.

Likely candidates shall be provided with the relevant material imparting sufficient information regarding the Risk Assessment. You are under no means expected to understand the entire concept in full but only to know enough to spark an interest in those you approach. Once the third party has expressed the desire to know more, an appointment needs to be setup with Alwinco, you and the prospective client. In the event that we are then commissioned to conduct an assessment through the introduction you have made, we will pay you between 10 and 15% of the assessment total, depending on the size and type if the property to be investigated. Payment will be received as soon as the client has paid the deposit before the actual commencement of the assessment. This arrangement applies to you as a freelancer and not a fulltime employee of Alwinco.

If this sounds promising to you, I would like you to consider the possibilities within this opportunity further. If you are savvy enough to introduce us to the management or directors of a franchise / chain store such as Checkers, Wimpy or Mr Price and we are able to secure a nationwide contract on several branches, you will receive commission on every assessment conducted on each individual store property belonging to that group. In the past we have found that such large corporations are more likely to choose a minimum of at least 30 branches across the country to have an assessment conducted on. Such a contract will provide you with a steady income over several months without you needing to be further involved in the process. This makes this offer ideal for students or those who would like to earn extra revenue on a part-time basis or even in addition to your fulltime position and takings.

As explained you will not be actively involved in the actual assessment part of our business but will only be acting as an intermediary to grow our client base. All that is expected is for you to converse and spread the word of our business and unique service. The benefits of the assessment need to be passed on and the knowledge that it provides the tool to proactively combat and prevent crime is what is required. On the other hand, should you have the knack and the capabilities of understanding the Security Risk Assessment and our unique methodology; you will strongly be considered for a permanent position at Alwinco.

Kindly contact me should you have any further questions or seek additional information.

Thank you,

Job Opportunity 2

Alwinco are looking for highly talented persons.

Security Risk Assessment, Security Plan & Feasibility Study

Risk Assessment involves research to gain a deeper understanding of the possible risks. Experience security risk assessment is not necessary but in security will help.

Persons with Projects, PR and marketing skills!

Successful candidate will play a leading role in the design and delivery of ground-breaking security solutions for our clients.

Be a part of this dynamic brokerage which offers you the opportunity to increase your developing skills.

Male or female wanting to advance their career in the challenging and diverse world of security assessment and consulting who want to be part of a new growth industry of security.

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