Get a Security Risk Assesment

Currently wisdom comes from disaster – this saying perfectly illustrates the approach of most South Africans towards the security of their business and homes. It shouldn’t take a nasty crime incident, resulting in huge financial loss, or heaven forbid even worse, before we wake up.

Criminologists agree that effective design can be used to reduce crime opportunities. A typical criminal will assess a potential crime victim or a location before committing a crime. If the design and use of a building or place create the perception that the costs of committing the crime are greater than its benefits, the potential criminal is likely to think twice about committing crime.

A Security Risk Assessment if conducted properly involves the intensive study of many elements that influence each other.

The extent of the Security Risk Assessment:

  • Survey of the perimeter, the entire property, the street, neighborhood and surroundings
  • The positive identification of all potential threats and vulnerabilities
  • Professional and expert recommendations addressing the risk and reduction in risk
  • The understanding of the fine balance between security and safety

The 5 – 7 phase physical site security survey:

  • The core or inside of the premises
  • The shell or the actual physical building structure
  • The outer security or courtyard, garden or parking area
  • The perimeter of the security fence which represents the first line in protection of your security
  • The surroundings or neighborhood
  • The Security Provider
  • Personal Risk & Vehicle Security

A full security analysis will include the following:

  • Independent Security Risk Assessment
  • Audit and management of existing security services
  • Consulting and assisting at committee presentations
  • Effective Security Planning
  • The Feasibility Study
  • Assistance and management in the tender process stage
  • Management of the project
  • Construction (Building) Control
  • Window Risk (a factor that is often ignored)