Security Risk Assesment Methodology

To prevent crime efficiently, one can image crime as a triangle. The triangle consists of 3 sides, namely: Desire, Ability and Opportunity. By removing just one of these aspects we will be able to prevent crime from happening.

Unfortunately, we cannot affect the desire of the criminal. This desire is often the result of the criminal’s upbringing and background. If the thief gets the idea and is intent on gaining entry, he/she will try finding a way to do so and begin planning or searching for a means to do so. Although, by applying the correct knowledge and implementing the right preventative measures, we can hinder the desire of the criminal and make him/her think twice about committing the crime.

Furthermore, we cannot alter the ability of the criminal either. The ability refers to the criminal’s knowledge or physical strength. What we indeed can do is to make it more difficult for the criminal to commit the crime by either outsmarting him/her with more knowledge or by changing the physical surroundings.

An example would be; if a criminal were able to bend the security bars with his bare hands, we could defeat him by placing stronger bars at the windows or by constructing a grid of bars which would effectively deter him. Or if the lawbreaker was able to jump or climb over the 1.8m wall around your property, we could raise the wall to 2m or ensure that there are no ledges or places he can climb onto to assist him in climbing over the wall – which brings us to the last and most important aspect of the crime triangle: Opportunity.

As can be seen in the diagram, opportunity is the greatest reason for crime occurring but like the iceberg it is often hidden and therefore not considered or completely overlooked.

By removing the opportunities presented to the criminals we will be able to prevent the crime. A crime can only take place if all 3 these instances are present and if the criminal does not find the opportunity to commit the crime, he/she will forget it and move on.

Opportunity can be naturally removed through implementing physical preventive measures and by ensuring that your property is properly maintained. Means of detection can be used which will actually place you in the position to stop a crime before it even happens or even before the lawbreakers have entered your property.

By considering all these aspects and by developing a good Security Plan you will achieve peace of mind, knowing that you are prepared. This will decrease fear and doubt, and will greatly aid in your wellbeing and overall quality of life. Furthermore, not only you will be affected but your family and your employees too.