We would like very much to be able to name all the companies that we have assessed due to their sheer size. Many of these companies are well known and very successful. It would definitely impress all would-be clientele.

Unfortunately we cannot do this because of the confidentiality agreement and we cannot promote our company through the weaknesses of our existing clients.

Many who have conducted a Security Risk Assessment discover such vast and advanced vulnerabilities that they cannot all be simply solved immediately and therefore must be done over a period of time. By just providing anyone with the name of the company we have assessed, we will be verifying that that company does indeed have risk vulnerabilities present.

During an interview with an informer, he was able to tell us that the criminals are very up-to-date with the internet and can easily access any information he is looking for with this powerful tool. These criminals are very capable of reading between the lines.

Alwinco does not know every person asking for a quote on a Security Risk Assessment; it will be a big security risk if we start to provide every person with a list of clients as requested. Before we begin with a Security Risk Assessment we need your ID and as it has happened in the past that some new client does not want to provide us with ID information; we can only wonder as to why and what their intentions might be.

This is a matter that we take very seriously and are extremely conscious about due to the very nature of our business. Alwinco will not use our clients’ risks to advertise ourselves on the internet or through other available means nor to entice more clientele to our business.

Remember if an any assessor presents you with a list of previous companies that he has conducted Security Risk Assessments for during the quotation phase, once your Security Risk Assessment has been conducted your company name will be added onto the list and be shown to new prospective clients or possibly even criminals too. The very type of business we conduct as Risk Assessors entail that all information must remain confidential at all times.

Furthermore it is important to bear in my mind that we are not product affiliated. We do not accept a fee or any form of commission from any security dealer or supplier. When we do an Independent Security Risk Assessment of your property, you as the business or the homeowner will be in control to decide and choose which products you would like to install. We simply provide you with a thorough outline and the status of your security. Furthermore we provide you with recommendations and suggestions concerning the best ways available to secure your property.