Why Security Risk Assessment?

Why Security Risk Assessment?

We are living in the 21st century and crime has evolved, yet our methods of combatting crime have not. Security can no longer be defined as a dog in the yard or a guard at the gate.

A Security Risk Assessment is an absolute necessity as it fully identifies the threats and risks on your property. Once all the threats and risks have been identified, a detailed, tailor-made security plan is documented. This plan is focussed on eliminating the identified risks with risk-specific solutions and is designed to suite your needs as well as your unique living environment.

Furthermore, a Security Risk Assessment will put you in control of your security and it will provide you with truthful facts about your current security. Knowing the truth about your security puts you in a position to make the correct decisions when it comes to securing your property.

The advice we provide is of a professional nature and not the same as those given by the Security Companies. Please keep in mind that the salesmen from these companies are usually only interested in selling their product and hitting their sales target, rather than actually providing you with a complete and workable solution to your security. Often, if their product cannot fix a problem they may even choose to ignore it and will not point out the potential risks that the problem might pose to your security as a whole.

Another aspect that influences the advice received from these security companies is the high turnover rate within the industry. This means that the sales person that approaches you may not always possess the best knowledge or relevant experience to actually provide you with the necessary advice and educated recommendations you really require.

Security is unfortunately always only seen as expenditure and when the budget is cut, often security is the first to go. However, if done correctly, security is an investment as at the end of the day, should you need to replace assets such as vehicles or computers lost due to theft, it will work out much more expensive than the initial security expenses.