Why Us?

Why Us? Independence!

ALWINCO is an Independent Security Risk Assessment Consultancy that is 100% focused on delivering cost-effective and flexible security solutions to enhance our clients’ security and safety.

As Independent Security Risk Assessors, we do not focus on selling or installing equipment. We focus on the opportunity provided by the risk. Risk is established on different levels which include different times during the day and night, areas around your premises, etc.

We also focus on crime that occurs from the outside (outer crime), crime that occur from inside your organisation (inner crime), management, service provider, etc. We also include the 5 viewpoints of security, one of which is the criminals’ viewpoint. The criminal sees opportunities in a different light compared to ‘law-abiding citizens’. Our widely skilled teams of risk assessors are all professionals in the security field and they are willing to share their expertise, knowledge and experience to create a secure environment.

The client pays the assessor for advice and recommendations regarding their security and it need to be realised that it is not just one person who provides this advice. Several experts input is taken into consideration before supplying the information to the clients which is why the client can rest assured that the information supplied in the Risk Assessment is not only accurate but also worthwhile and risk-specific.

Security Risk Assessment – a ‘saving grace’

In our books, being pro-active outranks reactive responses by far. Being prepared and in control of your security is what it’s all about. A Security Risk Assessment gives you the control and it provides you with the know-how and solutions to the risks that would enable you to be a pro-active crime fighter rather than a reactive one. “Prevention is better than cure”, and when it comes to security and crime, this saying is all the more true.

To summarise:

Alwinco is an Independent Security Risk Assessment Consultancy that will tell you the truth about your current security. Once all the risks are identified, extensive research is done to source the best solution for the unique risk. We don’t do copy-and-paste methods – what might work for one property does not automatically work for another property. Each property has its own body language, its own unique risks and it should therefore be treated in a unique method to attain the perfect solution to eliminate the risk. Risk is ultimately what provides the criminal with the opportunity to commit a crime. When you take the risk away, you remove the opportunity to commit a crime.

An Independent Security Risk Assessment is the ONLY way to safeguard yourself, your home, your business, etc. against crime.