Once Off Risk Assessment Contract

Once Off Risk Assessment Contract

When Alwinco conducts a security risk assessment on your property we include a thorough inspection of your work tasks, activities, and premises, identifying potential weak points, evaluating their risks and recommending preventative and protective measures for your consideration.

Security Risk Assessment done by Alwinco has up to:
7 Levels in compiling a program and 2 main components to physical security.

NB. Most outsourced security risk assessors commit only to 1 component, and forget about the second.

The risk assessment consists up to 7 critical levels in the process of compiling a secure security program:

Level 1 – Outside Security within km Radius

This level involves the greenbelt of the area, the greater area surrounding your premises

Level 2 – Outside & Inner Premises

This level also calls first line of protection

Level 3 – Area between Yard Fence

This level involves the area always ignored where a criminal will spend anything from

Level 4 – Structure

This level involves the actual building

Level 5 – Inner Security

This level involves the inside security

Security Plan

  • Pre-inspection
  • Interviews
  • Site inspection
  • Assessment
  • Feedback
  • Implementation

It is important to note that Alwinco must receive a copy of Identity Document of the individual authorizing the proposal by providing a written instruction authority to conduct the security risk assessment on the premises.