Security Plans

When you take the lowest bidder to provide security for your, then you are asking for trouble, you will usually get the lowest and or wrong service.

Alwinco have a team of crime prevention advisors with many years of experience addressing crime, the fear of crime, violence and aggression, robbery, and burglary as well as finding cost effective and proactive solutions; addressing your needs.

Security is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution, and Alwinco is focused on creating complete security solutions based on the very specific needs.

Crimes are often executed under the influence of intoxicants and gang involvement or are the result of mental instability, all of which affect behavior profoundly, making criminals dangerously unpredictable. We fail to understand the extent to which these individuals simply do not fear any consequences for their actions.

Home owners and Businesses have wasted thousands on inappropriate measures only to find themselves victims of crime, and discovering unapparent security risks after the fact.

The solution to this issue is to have a professional security risk assessment done, which will equip you with meaningful, well thought-through strategies customized for the specific risks faced by your company and or home.

This is a crucial line of defence which ‘designs crime out’ and is a must-have for the effective establishment of a secure home, building, company and family.

Development of a security plan

We will develop an effective, formalised action plan incorporating utilization of technology for upgrading your current security status. A criminal act requires desire, ability and opportunity. Removing any one of these elements prevents the crime from taking place.

Remember that the aim in developing your security plan is to identify all critical assets – tangible and intangible – and reduce the risks to them to an acceptable level. You must take into account the following crucial elements – deterrence, detection, delay and response.. These are all improvement measures. These are the basics on which any physical security plan must be built.