Security Risk Assessment Levels

Security Risk Assessment Levels

“Full Security Risk Assessment with Security Plan” works as follows:

Levels 6 & 7 would apply to corporate environments only.

Level 1

Outside Neighbourhood within 1km Radius.

Level 2

Outside & Inner Premises, (Property line, Fencing, Walls)

Level 3

Area between Yard Fence or Walls and the Building (Parking, Garden, Courtyard & backyard)

Level 4

Structure of House, Building/s and Office structure.

Level 5

Inner Security of House, Building and Office structure.

Level 6

Assessment of Existing Appointed Security Service Provider.

Level 7

Corporate Management & Personal Risk & Security.

Level 8

Presentation of a comprehensive Security Plan.

Level 9

On-going research, as and when needed.

Level 10

All security work on a retainer contract; Security Plan, Saps communication, Security advisor, Security Risk Assessments, Meetings with security companies, Watch dog program, Security workshop, Investigations, Cleaning process & On-going support.