The Feasibility Study

Conducting a professional and Independent Security Risk Assessment is the first part of the process in finding the security solution. During this step all threats and risks are identified as without proper identification these problems cannot be properly addressed.

During this phase, Alwinco will thoroughly inspect your work tasks, daily activities and entire premises to uncover all the potential weak points that are present. We will consider your current security (both the security provider and the security system) and be able to suggest where improvements can be made and where your system can be upgraded, thereby allowing your current security products to be integrated into a better security system.

Once the assessment has been conducted, a Security Plan is derived. The Security Plan is based on the expert knowledge acquired during the assessment. The final step is the provision of the Feasibility Study if so required. In this section the outcome and final solutions are provided to you in the most professional and unbiased manner possible.

Recommendations of preventative and protective measures available to you will be provided in detail, thereby allowing you to fully consider the options before implementation is decided.