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Security Control is Key

SECURITY CONTROL IS KEY Even if you have security measures in place, security control is vital in ensuring that your security is successful.  The Security Risk Assessment will ultimately provide you with this power. Through an extensive physical security investigation that consists of many different layers and which covers more than just the hardware onsite,…

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Independent Threat Analysis is NOT a Product Assessment

PRODUCT ASSESSMENT IS NOT A FULL INDEPENDENT THREAT ANALYSIS   When we provide you with an Independent Threat Analysis, more commonly known as the Security Risk Assessment, we do not expect you to purchase any products or to sign up for any services or installation of any security equipment. This is where our independence is…

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Independent Assessment, Security & Risk FAQ

FAQ Regarding Risk & the Independent Assessment   The following is a summary of Frequently Asked Questions concerning Alwinco, the Independent Assessment, Security Risk, Security Plans & Proactive Crime Prevention. Should you find that your question has not been covered below, please email us at SRA@alwinco.co.za for more information.   Who / What is Alwinco? Alwinco…

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