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Security GP to Remedy your Security

Your Security GP: The Back-To-Front Approach of Security in South Africa Unfortunately, it is all too common that security is approached back-to-front in South Africa. View the following example as an explanation to this statement. Upon feeling ill, an individual may head directly to the pharmacy to seek advice in regards to his ailment. Although…

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Home Security Risk Assessment: Crime Prevention

Protecting Your Family & Loved Ones Through the Home Security Risk Assessment   To be a victim of a crime is one of the most traumatic things that could happen to anyone of us. Many people who have been lucky enough to survive such an incident remain affected by this for the rest of their…

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Independent Threat Analysis is NOT a Product Assessment

PRODUCT ASSESSMENT IS NOT A FULL INDEPENDENT THREAT ANALYSIS   When we provide you with an Independent Threat Analysis, more commonly known as the Security Risk Assessment, we do not expect you to purchase any products or to sign up for any services or installation of any security equipment. This is where our independence is…

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