Why is crime still thriving?

Why is there still so much crime in this technologically advanced age?

Crime and Technology - Why is crime still thriving in the technologically advanced age?
Crime is still thriving despite ever advancing and evolving technology.

This question is purely to point out that the type of technology doesn’t necessarily mean that the right security measures are in place.

When I ask clients why they installed or purchased specific security equipment. I always get the same answer: ‘this is what the salesperson advised us to purchase.’

The Research

This leads me to my next question. What research was done to verify if the suggested solution is in actual fact the correct solution? The answer: None.

How did they get to the conclusion that the specific solution is appropriate? The answer: They recommend what they sell. Ensuring that the solution is risk-specific is completely irrelevant to them. Sales targets are the only driving force behind the decision.

Not a single company, to date, could provide me with the research that was conducted by the ‘assessor’ to ensure that the solutions are risk-specific.

The Reason

The reason companies, Estates, Shopping Centres, Schools and the like, contact an Independent Security Risk Assessors is that their current security measures have failed. If the Security Risk Assessment was conducted right the first time around, these entities would not need to call upon an expert for assistance.

A qualified mechanic will be the best person to take a broken vehicle to, in order to identify the problem as well as to supply a solution for the problem.

You won’t take your vehicle to a car dealership and expect them to tell you what the problem is. The salesmen’s main aim will be to sell you a new vehicle, even if the actual problem might have an inexpensive, easily fixable solution.

Wrong Approach

People tend to take the wrong approach when it comes to security. They don’t go to the people that will tell them what is really wrong with the security. They go to the people that will sell them something new in an attempt to fix the problem, often only costing more money without really solving the problem.

The REAL Question

The question; ‘What is wrong with my security?’ is hardly ever asked, let alone answered.

Why do companies, homes and the like still fall victim to crime when they have ample security measures in place?

They don’t have the correct security measures in place, that’s why.

A Security Risk Assessment is the ONLY way to truly identify all risks
Security Risk Assessment – The only way to mitigate and eliminate the opportunity for crime

The only way to ensure that you have the correct security measures in place is to have an Independent Security Risk Assessment conducted on the property.

Written by Andre Mundell

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