Hijackings up by 55% – Is this acceptable?

They say that acceptance is the key to happiness… Will it make us happier if we accept the fact that hijackings have become part of everyday life? I sincerely doubt that.

Hijackings increased by 55%
Hijackings increased by 55% in the last four years

According to this article, hijackings in South Africa have gone up by a massive 55% over the past four years.  That means that approximately 40 vehicles are hijacked each day. How do we accept that?

Do we lock ourselves up in our homes in fear of being hijacked? That’s no way to live.

Did you know that a majority of the hijackings occur in driveways of homes? The reason for this is that people are complacent, they do not take note of their surroundings, they are preoccupied with their cell phones or the children, and in a matter of seconds your vulnerability is exposed, and you become a victim of a hijacking.  

The only way to get on top of this is to become a proactive crimefighter and by having an Independent Assessor conduct a Driveway Assessment, you will be two steps ahead of the criminals.

Alwinco firmly believes that being in control of your own safety in security is the only way to actively fight crime, and with a Driveway Assessment, you will have that control.

Written by Andre Mundell

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