Same Question, Different Week

We are asked the following question nearly every week:

Why don’t corporate companies, businesses, shopping malls and Security Estates invest in a Security Risk Assessment?

Good question!

There are various potential reasons for this, however, the one that is the most prolific at the moment is a hurdle called PSIRA.

Most of the time we find that some of these entities know that not all security persons they make use of, such as the Security Officers, security installers, Security Companies and the like, is not PSIRA registered and therefore, does not like the idea of an assessor ‘snooping’ around.

There are times that Managers and business owners know that their security is not up to date or that it is not sufficient, but the fear that the security shortcomings are pointed out and would potentially make them look bad, causes them to avoid an assessor altogether.

If a security assessor hasn’t pointed out where the risks and shortcomings are, they believe that they still have a chance to plead innocent and uninformed if something does happen.

Another reason is that there are too many ‘friends’ and ‘favours’ when it comes to Security Solutions. 

These reasons and excuses do not make it right or acceptable, but it unfortunately what we deal with on a daily basis.

Written by Andre Mundell

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