December 2019

Like so many previous Decembers in South Africa, December 2019 lived up to the crime, violence and murder expectations.

No surprises there.

The devastation of crime equally affects all Businesses, homes, schools, government facilities, corporate companies, estates, shopping centres and so on.

Crime affects us all

So many people came home after their well-deserved holiday to find their home completely ransacked. I know of a family who came home to an empty home, even their beds have been taken.

Crime affects us all

Businesses opened to discover that their computers, software and data were stolen. Computers can surely be replaced, but can the same be said for the data?

Families are torn apart, people’s lives are ruined, and businesses are crippled by the devastating effects of crimes such as rape, murder, theft, assault, drugs, kidnapping and the like.

The sad thing is that 97% of all these crimes could have been prevented if people understood security and crime. Yes, it’s easy to do a post-mortem of the happenings over the past few years, however, it is heartbreaking to see the effects of crime when it could have been prevented.

Stubborn South Africans

I do not know why South Africans seem to be so stubborn when it comes to crime and security, however, I can tell you that, after 35-years’ experience in the security industry, 95% of all the crimes that I know about could have been prevented, or the effects could have been minimised at the very least, if the victims understood security and if they understood crime from a criminals perspective.

Note: Looking at crime and security from a homeowner or business owner’s perspective will not suffice in this day and age in the fight against crime. This is the approach that has been taken for the last 50 years and it has no effect on crime.

Read your Assessment

Read your Security Risk Assessment report to understand crime and security.

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