Alwinco: Conferences and Workshops

Alwinco often speaks at conferences and facilitates workshops as this forms part of our endeavour to educate as many people as possible about Security Risk Assessments.

We have also been invited to speak at several national as well as international conferences.

Areas where Alwinco has presented on the Security Risk Assessment subject

Our Focus

Our presentations predominantly focus on Security Risk Assessments and the impact that the security risk factor has on crime.

In addition to this, we also speak about inner crime, outer crime, the public violence crime portfolio and we also discuss the accessibility to the footprint of a company/business.

Our presentations and discussions are highly detailed which is why our presentations are usually done in two hours, however; we can also relay the information in a one-hour session or a one-hour session per day if the conference is longer than one day, although this will mean a less in-depth discussion. From time to time, I am also asked to be the only presenter at a two-day security workshop.

On various occasions, we have also presented an entire Conference where we cover a kaleidoscope of topics pertaining to crime, risk, security and safety over the course of two or three days. We also cover important questions such as; How does one measure security? What is the value of security?

We also discuss why crime is thriving, who needs to take responsibility when it comes to security and crime, and so on.

Furthermore, we also explain the difference between safety and security, and why both are essential for a successful security structure.

21st Century Crime vs. 80’s crime-fighting methods

The 21st century’s crime versus the 80’s methods of crime-fighting is another topic of discussion. This is one of the main reasons why crime is such a successful business, and also why fraud and scams are increasing on a daily basis.

Entities that have requested our presentation services include large corporate companies, CPF’s, workshops, national as well as international companies, communities, schools, business meetings and the like.

The Difference

The difference we offer is that we look at crime and security from a criminal’s point of view. This makes all the difference as we understand and see what the criminal sees.

Being able to look at crime and security from a criminal’s perspective changes the entire picture completely.

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