21 and 22 October 2015 At Indaba Hotel, Spa & Conference Fourways Johannesburg

We have been approached on several occasions by numerous individuals and parties as to why we are presenting a conference, specifically a Security Risk Assessment conference. Due to the fact that Security Risk Assessment is a very new concept in South Africa, it is never even acknowledged, vastly misunderstood and underestimated. The question is how many people actually know what an Independent Security Risk Assessment is (not a product assessment) and what it really entails.

When doing research on the internet concerning Security Risk Assessments the results generally only cover IT Security and Health & Safety. Physical security is very really explained or picked up by the search engine unless precise and specific wording is used.

Security Risk Assessment will be the new manner in which to approach security in 2015 and many years to come thereafter. Knowledge is power and a common mistake made by many is to assume that criminals are uneducated. This is not true as they too have access to the internet and the wealth of easily ready available information to be found there. As technology develops in leaps and bounds, so does the criminal. One of the main aspects to be discussed at the conference will be is why there is still so much crime despite all the technology we have at our disposal.

It is important that management of all sectors actually realize the value and benefit a Security Risk Assessment can bring to the table. A good understanding of an independently conducted assessment will clearly show you just how valuable and vital it actually is. Without this perception many make the fault in believing that this is just another ploy for someone to line their pockets and that it is not necessary or required at all, especially if they already have an alarm system, a Security Official or even a guard dog. These are merely parts of security. An effective system will combine all these elements and more ensuring maximum functionality and complementation of all these aspects. Once the concept of a Security Risk Assessment is perceived and comprehended you will easily see how inaccurate that mindset and statement truly is and that in modern times a Security Risk Assessment will become a necessity.

Before you make assumptions about assessments I request that you please take your company or business Security Risk Assessment and really read through it. I specifically mean your Security Risk Assessment and not the Health & Safety report. This is a very common misunderstanding that many companies have. Security and Health & Safety are two completely different aspects often at opposite ends of the spectrum. For almost 18 years not one company has been able to provide me with an actual Security Risk Assessment. The one or two that actually could show me some form of security report offered no real value or useable solutions for weaknesses within the security system. Your Risk Assessment should clearly identify and explain all the threats and vulnerabilities present in your physical security.

Additionally provision must be made for a Security Plan that will ensure that your property will be more crime resistant and provide you with a good solid and strong foundation on which to base all your future security needs and requirements into the foreseeable future and beyond.

A Security Risk Assessment is not merely a report where certain aspects are jotted down but an actual thorough and in-depth investigation into your property’s security in many different levels. Various factors are also inspected as they all influence each other. Extensive and thorough research is then also conducted and this is not only into solutions and new technologies to hit the market, but trends, new threats and felonies. The main goal of the assessor is to place you in control of your security and enable you to make the right decisions to ensure you can proactively prevent crime. The final result as a whole will provide you a stable, workable and solid platform on which you can base all your security needs on for years to come.

Extensive and thorough research, as well as the Security Risk Assessment, will change the face of security in times approaching. It is a completely new and modern way in which to approach security. The niche of the assessment will be explained and the reason why it is actually a necessity can be grasped. It is important to bear in mind that security should be seen as an investment and not merely expenditure. A good system will prove to be less costly than having to replace stolen equipment and the very valuable and confidential data often stored on these systems. This is not even mentioning the loss of a life that can never be replaced.

The importance and merit of the Security Risk Assessment needs to be introduced and acknowledged. Anyone whose property could be targeted by a criminal will benefit from attending this conference. This includes schools, campuses, homeowners, business and company owners, plants, factories, farms, complexes (residential and retail), hospitals, banks, mines and governmental departments.

Written by Andre Mundell

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