Results Driven Security

Results Driven Security

Businesses have wasted thousands on inappropriate security measures only to find themselves victims of crime and discovering unapparent security risks after the fact.

Any person can give you recommendations, suggestions and advice on how to secure your premises; however, finding the person/company who can identify the risk and provide unbiased, risk-specific solutions proves to be far more difficult.

Security is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution and Alwinco is focused on creating complete security solutions based on the very specific and unique needs of each assessed property.

Once the Assessment has been completed, the results will indicate what solutions will have to be implemented to ensure that your security is risk-specific and relevant to your property.

Look beyond the rosy pictures and wonderful presentations, promising you the perfect security solution and make sure you get the security solution that is designed to meet YOUR specific, unique security needs.

Alwinco can:

  • make sure that your current security systems and services meet legal requirements.
  • attend security meetings and give you feedback on the proceedings/discussions/information.
  • provide you with a Security Risk Assessment that includes risk-specific solutions as well as Security Plan.
  • assist in the security tendering process.

Look around, you will see the best security hardware on the market at some places, some have the best alarm systems and response units on their side, and yet, look at all the crime. This just proves that security hardware is only part of the solution.

Only after the incident had occurred, did some of the victims approach me to look at their risk. WHY

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