What is a Risk Assessment?

What is a Risk Assessment?

A Security Risk Assessment is an in-depth investigation into any existing opportunities on your property.

Security Risk is where THREAT and OPPORTUNITY overlap. Thus, RISK is when your property provides an OPPORTUNITY for a crime to occur. A Security Risk Assessment measures whether you have taken enough precautions to remove the opportunity.

Single most important step

A Security Risk Assessment is the single most important step in the process of securing your property and is almost always omitted by security companies. How will you know which security solutions to implement if you don’t know what the risks are?

Alwinco can help you with this.

Knowledge is security

The accompanying diagram is a good device to explain what risk is exactly. Risk is the total sum of the criminal’s desire and his/her ability which is multiplied by the opportunity presented to the criminal to commit the crime in the first place.

If there is a lack of Security Awareness amongst your employees or your family members, it increases the potential of risk by impacting security in a very negative manner. The only way that risk can be lessened or diminished and even prevented, is through control.

Look around, you will see the best security hardware on the market at some places, some have the best alarm systems and response units on their side, and yet, look at all the crime. This just proves that security hardware is only part of the solution.

Only after the incident had occurred, did some of the victims approach me to look at their risk. WHY

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