But I already have a Security Risk Assessment. Why do another one?

False. In over 18 years, we have not come across one company or entity in possession of a valid and proper Security Risk Assessment. Many mistake their Health & Safety report for a full Risk Assessment. These are two opposing principles that are often in direct conflict of each other. Health & Safety is also commonly brought to the fore as it governed by law and legislations whereas security is not.

Even if that were true and you were in possession of an actual Security Risk Assessment report, it is important to remember that security is not a once-off solution by any means. Your security and the assessment needs to be periodically reviewed and adapted where necessary to ensure that your security does not fall behind and consequently become outdated. It is also vital to determine if the Security Plan was effectively followed and whether all problematic areas or situations as revealed by the initial assessment were properly handled and remedied. Remember criminals are not necessarily unintelligent and adapt and grow as required by the latest security market releases and the rapid growth of technology. Some criminal groups are so sophisticated and organised that they have turned crime into a booming and lucrative business by turning themselves into fully functioning large criminal corporations. It is therefore inevitable that to be successful in crime prevention that you always stay one step ahead of the foe.

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