I have a Security Manager within my company. Why would I need an independent Security Risk Assessment if this is in place?

Although the individual in the important position of the Security Manager of a company is highly qualified and often experienced, the assistance and insight that the independent Security Consultant can provide is regularly underestimated. The Security Risk Assessor is not there to affect or undermine the position of the Security Manager but rather should be viewed as an ally; that can provide professional advice that will assist the Security Manager and ultimately the entire company.

It has been noted that the Security Manager is often not successful in presenting a problem to the management to acquire the necessary funds and backing to alleviate the problem. The independent assessor has the upper hand here as management are more likely to understand the situation when presented by an external source in a professional manner. The Security Risk Assessment provides the means in which to accurately define and measure security so that the value thereof can be understood and accurately conveyed to the company board members. This in turn allows for better budget planning regarding security and spending can be stabilised whilst minimising unnecessary cost due to loss or inadequate security measures or security products being purchased.

Furthermore, the independent advisor can be 100% honest and unbiased in the conclusion of his / her findings. Internal Security Managers do not always want to expose the full status of the security of the company to management as they feel they may offend or unintentionally place their job on the line when doing so. The same can be said about an external company who may be afraid that there contract will be terminated if the full extent of loss or issues within the company’s security is revealed.

Another factor that deserves consideration is that the Security Manager may be too close to home and may inadvertently overlook a problem or the root cause thereof within the company. The Security Threat Advisor can provide a new, fresh perspective regarding security within the company to the Security Manager who can then successfully pass this knowledge on to the board and the decision makers.

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