Security is Not a Single Thing

Security is Not a Single Thing

Security is not a single thing; it is a process of layers. For security to be effective and worth the time and effort put into it, it has to be built into your life.

Ideally, it becomes second nature; that is, you automatically go through the processes that keep you secure.

It is also important to know that security is WILLPOWER. The question you need to ask is; is my willpower to prevent a crime grater that the criminals’ willpower to commit a crime?

There are hardware and software that will aid your security, but simply having them is not security in itself; they need to be part of an active security process.

Our consultants work closely with clients to develop comprehensive knowledge of an organisation’s operations, culture and unique security needs and our constantly evolving protocols keep us abreast of current trends, allowing us to offer the latest developments in best security practices at all times.

It is important that you understand that an alarm system is only an alarm and is not a security solution. Many alarm systems are installed every day and yet, the crime rate has not gone down.

We have moved past the stage where an alarm and a guard constitute as business property security and where an alarm and a dog constitute as home security. Some people are just too busy and have no time to think about security measures until it’s too late. Other people might still rely on out-dated security systems and have no security plans for the future.

An Independent Security Risk Assessment will remedy all these concerns.

Look around, you will see the best security hardware on the market at some places, some have the best alarm systems and response units on their side, and yet, look at all the crime. This just proves that security hardware is only part of the solution.

Only after the incident had occurred, did some of the victims approach me to look at their risk. WHY

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