Why Hire a Security Risk Assessor?

Continuous research & development, experience, skills, security knowledge & independence.

You would hire a Security Risk Assessor for the same reason you would employ a tax consultant to handle your annual income tax, accountant or electrician. You need somebody to assess your security risks and Continuously Research & Develop on it.

Crime evolves along with the progression of technology and criminals are growing daily along with the internet. Therefore it is vital that those of us who make it out business to prevent crime must remain up-to-date with all the latest developments to remain successful in our endeavors. We should also not forget that South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world as the media regularly reminds us.

Often people make the assumption that criminals are not educated. Although the statistics show that 90% of these criminals do not have matric or are unemployed, they do conduct their own research before committing the crime. These individuals often survey the intended target, albeit your home or business, for a period of up to 2 weeks and often know the area and its surroundings better than the property owners. Most of the time we find that the attackers’ home base is between a 10 and 30 minute drive of the intended victim’s property. During this time they will consider all the possible entrance and exit routes or opportunities; and how busy the roads in the area are and at which times they are at their quietest. They will determine the weakest points in your security and use it their advantage. Any opportunity presented to them will be taken without a second thought. They even go as far as timing the arrival of the Armed Response Units to determine exactly how much time they have available.

Furthermore, many criminals have received some form of combat training (SAPS, security or military) which means they know how to effectively protect themselves. The criminals are prepared to risk everything even if it means going to jail or, in the worst case scenario, even losing their lives. These criminals are the most dangerous as they will not care who they take with them should they die and also not are deterred or afraid of the law. 97% of these criminals are armed and an armed group usually consists of 4 members. In a group individuality is lost and certain parties may behave more aggressively and feed off of the other members within the group.

Often these criminal individuals are not thinking logically. They could be mentally imbalanced or unstable, or be fuelled solely by anger and hatred and this will ultimately affect their judgment. Sometimes the criminal’s behaviour is affected due to the misuse of drugs or alcohol which will make him less hesitant and braver when he commits these crimes. There have been instances when the criminal is under the influence of witch doctor’s medicines, known as muti, which might lead him to believe in the delusion that he is for example invincible or invisible. This makes these individuals highly unpredictable and extremely dangerous. It has been further noted that at least 30% of these criminals have already committed murder and will not be afraid to do it again. During an interview with a hardened criminal he stated the following when questioned as to why they kill:

“If you have killed one person already, what difference does another twenty make?”

Due to all the reasons listed, it is therefore vital to do as much research as possible into the latest trends regarding crime so that we can always stay one step ahead of them.

A large part of research and development is attending security conferences, forums and seminars as regularly as we can. Furthermore we will attend meetings with complex committees, communities, property developers, managers and business owners. Through these meetings we are able to gather more information and ensure that we stay aware of any new trends that are occurring in your specific area.

A Security Risk Assessment remains a living document. This means that although we may have concluded your assessment, we will still continue to keep you updated in regards to trends and new products discovered during our research.

The key is to be in control of your security and the only means to do so is to acquire knowledge. This is why the research and development process is vital in the end success.

The ultimate goal of crime prevention tactics is to reduce your and your family or colleagues chances of becoming a victim of crime.

André will also not hesitate to contact professionals in various fields within security and crime prevention to gain the necessary information in finding your unique security solution. Remember security is not a once-off or one-size-fits-all solution. Each and every client has very individual and specific needs and daily routine, the environment and lifestyle affect this. All of these aspects are considered during the assessment.

Written by Andre Mundell

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