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FAQ Regarding Risk & the Independent Assessment

The following is a summary of Frequently Asked Questions concerning Alwinco, the Independent Assessment, Security Risk, Security Plans & Proactive Crime Prevention. Should you find that your question has not been covered below, please email us at for more information.

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Security Risk Assessment

Who / What is Alwinco?

Alwinco is NOT a security company. We are a consultancy that specialises in Independent Assessment in regards to Physical Security Risk and Crime Prevention

Our company name is derived from: ALWays IN COntrol and this is what we endeavour to provide all our clients with: Control of their security.

What is the Independent Assessment?

There is unfortunately misunderstanding regarding by the Independent Assessment due to the fact that it is referred to by various other terms, such as

  • Risk Assessment
  • Threat Analysis
  • Physical Security Audit & Survey
  • Vulnerabilities Identification

Why make use of an external consultant for an Independent Assessment?

Just as one would seek the advice from a professional in the medical, financial or legal field and pay for their professional expertise; Security Risk Assessors are the same; but this team is knowledgeable and experienced in regards to security. Your security advisor should be seen as your Security GP.

It should further be noted that during the research phase of the Independent Assessment, your advisory team, shall also consult with various experts and specialists in specific security and law enforcement fields regarding your unique security situation. This is done on your behalf by Alwinco and should additional costs be incurred, the official and agreed upon proposal shall not be affected.

Bearing this in mind, the final Independent Assessment report that you receive will be the culmination of advice and solutions of up to a dozen different specialists. We will ensure that you are provided with the best options to remedy all your security ailments.

There are further other benefits in regards to the experienced Security Manager utilizing an external risk consultant to conduct an Independent Assessment on the company’s physical security status.

Written by Andre Mundell

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