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In our Assessment we do not specify the exact type of product that you should choose as this is the only way we can remain objective and independent.

However, we will supply you with all the information regarding ‘what’ the product needs to do in order to be successful. In South Africa, there is a multitude of similar products on the market that can do what is required. The brand you choose is entirely up to you.

Security Risk Assessment
What the clients need

Feasible solutions in Security depend on each individual client’s needs and what the client wants to protect. You also need to take into consideration that someone who danced with crime before will have a totally different perception of crime compared to someone who has never encountered it.

Alwinco takes crime very seriously and for this reason, we aim to supply as much information as possible on a variety of products and why each product will suffice as a solution.

For example, we will tell you that your fence needs a trigger. We will then supply you with a variety of options that will meet the requirements, such as a properly installed electric fence will provide a trigger and so will Redwall. Redwall’s trigger might be a bit more accurate than a fence’s trigger; however, if the electric fence is installed properly with the correct tracking poles and the correct zoning, it will do the same.

Accurate location

The electric fence also provides stopping power where the Redwall only provides an alarm and no stopping power. Another option will be to install a Fibre Sonic cable on the fence.

This cable is easy to install and won’t be affected by overgrown trees and gardens. It also provides an accurate location of where the fence was breached, but it lacks stopping power. In contrast, Redwall requires a clean site, meaning all trees and gardens must be regularly trimmed and maintained. The same applies to an electric fence.


In addition to all of this, there are CCTV cameras. These cameras need to be focused on the fence, pointing towards the outside and it needs to be high enough that it is out of reach.

CCTV also requires Video Analytics to be an effective monitoring tool. Video Analytics will also trigger an alarm, although it has no stopping power whatsoever. CCTV cameras with Video Analytics will provide you with proper video footage that can be used as evidence.


It is always advisable to implement two of the mentioned options for security purposes. All these solutions, depending on your requirements, can create a secure environment if implemented correctly. However, they will be ineffective if a central point does not route all the information for necessary action. This is usually where most corporate companies miss the point.

Thinking logically, just as the entire company directs its fuel consumption to one point and allocates salaries to specific departments, it makes sense to allocate security to a department focused solely on security. This is often referred to as the Control Room.

Which solutions

Now, when you ask Alwinco which solutions are the most feasible. At Alwinco we rely on what we see every day and the dances we’ve had with crime to measure feasibility and if I had to make a decision on what which road to follow, my advice would then be as follows:

Install a proper electric fence with the addition of the best possible Video Analytic software and CCTV cameras. In the dark areas, I would install thermal cameras for optimal coverage of the entire area.

New on the market, 360-Degree cameras and Fish Eye cameras may initially cost more. However, they replace between 5 and 9 cameras, reducing installation and cables. They also function as either 5 or 9 cameras in one.

We provide multiple solutions for your problem. Because we understand not everyone sees what we see daily and may not agree with this solution.

In essence, feasibility is a very ‘personal’ concept.

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Written by Andre Mundell

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