Alwinco specialises in Security Risk Assessments which is also referred to as:

  • Security Survey
  • Security Audit
  • Risk Analysis
  • Threat Assessment
  • Security Inspection

Retainer Contract

Why a Retainer Contract is Crucial: Security risk assessment retainer This article explains the importance of a retainer contract. Unique

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List of Services

  • An Independent Security Risk Assessment
  • Formation of a workable Security Plan
  • Intensive and on-going security research regarding trends and products
  • Security Awareness and training
  • Establishment of a Security Policy and all relevant directives
  • Assessment with regards to inner security
  • Management of your security structure
  • Interviews with various parties with regards to security
  • Conduction of infiltration tests
  • Audit of your current Security Provider and Security system
  • Evaluation of Personal Risk
  • Vehicle Risk Assessment
  • Investigations
  • Execution of background checks (vetting)
  • Attending and chairing of regular Security Meetings
  • Monthly Meetings with Security Companies
  • Implementation of Security Service Levels
  • Security Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • Regular SAPS Communication
  • Presentation of Security Workshops
  • Monthly Security Management reports
  • Request of applicable quotations (RFQ) from Security Service Providers on behalf of the client
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Written by Andre Mundell

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