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Private Investigations – With 21 years’ worth of experience as a police detective and a further 10 years in the security field, André at Alwinco brings unequalled skill and a solid understanding of the necessity to link evidence to the private investigations that he undertakes.

Dedicated to thorough exploration and meticulous examination of facts, André confidently discloses flawlessly verified information to a full spectrum of private and corporate clients.

As with most highly skilled vocations, experience is the defining factor determining the level of service you will receive.

At Alwinco,

Part of our work involves various private investigations. But what exactly is an investigation? Well, think of it like a thorough fact-finding mission. We conduct risk assessments, dig into cases of theft and fraud, and even search for missing persons.

One common misconception about investigations is that they’re like what we see on TV—quick and dramatic. But in reality, investigations are governed by rules and require careful adherence to procedures. Once a client signs on for an investigation, the first step is for them to provide us with an instruction document detailing what needs to be looked into. This document is crucial and must be kept for at least five years.

We take our role seriously

At Alwinco, ensuring that we operate within the bounds of the law and maintain integrity throughout the process. Our investigations cover a wide range of areas, from fraud to cold cases. In fact, we often revisit old cases to see if new information can be unearthed.

However, investigations can be complex and time-consuming. We work diligently, sometimes for months, to gather and analyze evidence. And while we strive for success, we don’t sugarcoat the outcomes. Sometimes, the truth isn’t what our clients hoped for, but it’s our duty to present the facts honestly. Read more on why a soft approach to crime does not work.

Our approach

To investigations is methodical. We tailor our methods to each case, utilizing what we call profile investigation to ensure accuracy. We’re committed to transparency, documenting our findings faithfully and without bias.

But proving the integrity of our investigations isn’t always straightforward, especially in court. That’s where our trade secret comes in—a method that guarantees the authenticity of our findings. This ensures that our evidence stands up to scrutiny and leaves no room for doubt.

With decades of experience under our belt, we know how to navigate the complexities of investigations. From gathering evidence to presenting it in court, we’re meticulous every step of the way. And while the legal process can be lengthy, we ensure our clients are informed and involved at every stage.

Contrary to TV dramas, investigations are serious business. We take pride in our work, striving for accuracy and justice in every case. Whether it’s uncovering the truth in a cold case or proving innocence in a criminal trial, we’re dedicated to delivering results. Written by Andre Mundell Independent assessor Alwinco.

Our service area for security risk assessments encompasses Bayswater, Durban, Rondebosch, and all major cities in Gauteng, such as Pretoria, Johannesburg and Jhb cbd, Midrand, Rivonia, and Centurion.

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Written by Andre Mundell

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