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Alwinco was derived from the statement: ALWays IN COntrol and this is what we endeavour to ultimately provide our clients with – control of their security.  This, as well as crime prevention, can be achieved through conducting a Security Risk Assessment on your property.

Alwinco is unique in the sense that we are in no way affiliated with any Security Provider, which means we can provide any prospective client with an unbiased, honest and authentic Assessment report.

Our Security plans are also tailor-made to suit the unique security needs of each property.

Alwinco does in-depth research, investigation as well as interviewing for each Security Risk Assessment, ensuring the most effective solutions are provided.

One needs to remember that often, risk can be eliminated by a change in behaviour, routine or awareness, and not necessarily new, expensive security equipment.

A Security Risk Assessment places you in a position to tell a security company what YOU want from them, which will be in sync with your risk solution. In other words, you will know what you need to minimise your risk.


André Mundell, the founder of Alwinco, started this Independent Consultancy over a dozen years ago when he realised the unfilled niche with regards to crime, the prevention thereof and physical security.

Experience and involvement for over 35 years in the SAPS and the security industry afforded André an unmatched and exclusive opportunity granted to few. He was able to personally examine and investigate thousands of crime scenes. Additionally, he interviewed both the perpetrators and the victims of the crimes.

André formulated the art of ‘reverse crime engineering’ when he realised that he could predict, through the study and extensive comparison of his notes from all the crime scenes he investigated, how a crime could occur. This knowledge and concept further enabled him to advise property owners and managers to actually proactively prevent crime from occurring.


Many people do not give crime and subsequently, their physical security any thought – that is until IT IS TOO LATE and an incident has occurred. Your security does not only involve the physical security hardware that you may have or even the Security Officer at the gate. There is a myriad of other intangible elements that directly affect your overall security status.

Several other similarities were present at the majority of the various crime scenes that André investigated and analysed:

  • Victims lacked knowledge of the best ways in which to secure their properties and to make them more resistant to the flow of crime.
  • None of the victims were in control of their security – neither before nor after the crime.
  • No Security Risk Assessments were conducted with regards to security and consequently, these property owners did not have a Security Plan in place.

Crime has become a major problem in South Africa and Africa. Let’s face it, crime is everywhere, and the problem is that we are dealing with individuals who have zero respect for anything - Andre Mundell, Alwinco

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