Time X equals response time

Response time in security – is called time X. We measure how long the security takes to respond.

In other words, how long do the security providers take to get to the site once the alarm triggers? If the alarm only triggers once the criminal is in the building, it is easy for them to get out before the security provider responds.

 It will be easier for the criminal to escape during X time.

response time in security

X = Response time of the security provider:

Response time in security – However, if the alarm triggers outside the fence, the criminal still needs to enter and exit, greatly reducing their chances of escape within X time. Studies indicate that when a criminal is detected at the fence, they are likely to abandon their intention to commit the crime.

It is crucial to consider the security company’s response time once the alarm triggers.

If the alarm triggers at the property line during a breach, the criminals still need to enter and exit. Therefore reducing their chances of escape within X time.

perimeter line

Studies suggest that detecting criminals at the perimeter line increases the likelihood that some will abandon their intention to commit the crime and target a different property.

It’s important not to assume the reaction time. Reviewing previous incidents where the alarm triggered on-site helps calculate the average response time accurately to determine Time-X.

Alwinco measures Time X. Please read your risk assessment report and focus on the time X section.

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Written by Andre Mundell

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