Security Risk Assessment Levels

“Full Security Risk Assessment with Security Plan” works as follows:

Most of the time, we have between five, seven and 10 levels when a Security Risk Assessment is being conducted.

These levels refer to the number of levels that we as Assessors need to assess to find the risk. The number of levels is usually determined by the type of property we assess, whether it is a home, a business, an Estate and so on.

At times, people misinterpret these levels and request that we conduct an assessment only up to a certain level like level two or five, for example. This is not what we mean by assessing levels.

Each property is divided into different sections or levels, and it is assessed accordingly. You cannot assess some sections and not the others as everything fits together like a puzzle. When you leave pieces of the puzzle in the box, the puzzle will be incomplete.

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Different perspectives

Security Risk – From the client’s perspective, these levels also refer to the different zones of security required for the property. Set up every aspect of your security structure in zones for better control. You can then choose which zones or sections to activate or deactivate according to your needs.

The issue that most people are sitting with is the fact that when they disarm the alarm system, they are disarming the entire alarm system and not only the area they require. When you program your alarm system in zones, you can disarm specific sections, like the driveway when you come home. When you are done in the driveway, you will deactivate the front area of the house alarm whilst activating the driveway alarm.

Daily mistakes

Not zoning your security system accordingly is one of the biggest security mistakes that people make daily. The number of zones will also be dependent on the type of property.

In summary; as Assessors, we assess different levels of security which will then be translated into ‘zones’ for the client. Assessing property in levels helps us to understand the property, the environment and it also ensures that we can identify all the risks. Security layering is also important as this will tell you in advance where an intruder finds himself on your property.

Install a good security system in zones to give the client control over their security structure. Written by Andre Mundell Alwinco Independent security risk consultant.

Our security risk assessment service area includes Bayswater, Durban, Cape Town, and all major Gauteng cities, including Silver Lakes, Johannesburg, Glen Austin, Sandton, and Centurion.

Security Risk Assessment Methodology

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Written by Andre Mundell

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