Who is responsible for security?

Regarding security, we must ask how far you are willing to go to protect a life. How far are you prepared to go to protect your investment, family, employees, guests, or visitors?

This is why we say that security is equal to willpower. How strong is your will to stop a criminal, regardless of inner or outer crime?

Is your willpower to protect what is essential to you. More significant than a criminal’s willpower to take that from you?

You need to answer these questions. To determine how far you will go to ensure that you, your loved ones, your employees, and your investments are protected.

Willpower forms part of the security risk assessment, and the second piece of the puzzle that forms part of the risk assessment is “responsibility”.

Who is responsible for securing a business, family, investment, and so on?

Some directors, homeowners, managers, and the like, have passed this responsibility over to someone else. In some companies, the guards or the security manager are solely responsible for everything security-related. However, the reality is that security is everyone’s responsibility, and even more so, the director’s and decision maker’s responsibility.

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Management forgets that security is also their responsibility.

It is easy to fix mistakes, apologize and move on in life. When it comes to standard business practices, but when it comes to security, it is not that easy.

Crime steals a piece of your peace of mind, rips you apart, and leaves you barren and broken. No number of apologies will ever undo a crime.

In the security risk assessment world, we also do assessments where we ask who is responsible for the poor decision-making that leads to a crime that could have been prevented. This is what we call the “B” assessment. 

Independent Security Consultants

An independent security consultancy must conduct a security risk assessment.

In addition to being responsible for security decisions, it is also vital to ensure that your documents and processes are court-ready, as this also forms part of the responsibility of security.

Again, I ask the all-encompassing question: how far are you willing to go for security? Do you only want a piece of paper, or do you really want security?

The answer will determine your willpower.

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Written by Andre Mundell

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