Home Security Risk Assessment: Crime Prevention

Protecting Your Family & Loved Ones Through the Home Security Risk Assessment

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To be a victim of a crime is one of the most traumatic things that could happen to anyone of us. Many people who have been lucky enough to survive such an incident remain affected by this for the rest of their lives and can never really fully recover. Furthermore, having to stay in the place where the crime occurred would act as a constant reminder of the event and force the victim to relive the scenario over and over in his / her head, which would only make the situation all the more worse. Ideally we would all like to protect our families, loved ones and ourselves from having to go through such a horrible thing in the first place and this is where the Home Security Risk Assessment becomes necessary.


By having an Independent Home Security Risk Assessment conducted on your property all the vulnerabilities and weaknesses within your physical security are positively identified and revealed to you in full. This will include the driveway as approximately 80% of all hijackings occur at this point. You will then have the power, the control and the ability to proactively prevent crime and to make your home more crime resistant. Effective preventative measures and a strong, solid foundation to base your security on into the future will be attained thereby placing you in the best possible position to safeguard those who are the most important to you, as well as your property and assets. An individually tailored and unique Security Plan will be provided to you within the Home Security Risk Assessment report.


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Alwinco Home Security Risk Assessment & Security Plan

It is necessary for those of us who are attempting to combat crime to stay one step ahead of the criminals. These individuals and groups have turned crime into a booming business and manage themselves in a highly organised manner. Nowadays extensive planning and preparation has been done before the actual attack. It is not uncommon for these groups to know more of about the surrounding area to the property or the security hardware installed than the actual homeowner does. Access to the internet and new technologies have furthermore been used to the criminals’ advantage and growth.

Many security systems fail due to the fact that there are not enough built-in capabilities to handle all mitigating factors and variable possibilities. The fact that the criminal is largely an unknown enemy and that he is additionally an active, responsive adversary makes proper and effective planning in regards to security all the more difficult. It is therefore necessary to seek professional advice in regards to security through an independent Home Security Risk Assessment. Through awareness and knowledge, the experienced assessor will provide you with the means to be in control of your security and to plan your security successfully in terms of budget and functionality. The Home Security Risk Assessment provides only an advisory influence. You will not be expected to purchase any products or contract any services to line our pockets. The final decisions in regards to your security upgrading and implementation will lie in your hands. The Home Security Risk Assessment will ensure that you have the necessary knowledge to make good decisions regarding your security – both in the present and into the future.

By Andre Mundell


Written by Andre Mundell

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