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How Can the Services of the Independent Risk Consultant Be Advantageous to My Company in Understanding Our Security Risk?

Many companies try to save money by conducting their Security Risk & Threat Assessment in-house or through their contracted Security Company. However, this often leads to realizing too late that their security systems are inadequate when facing substantial losses from criminal attacks. There are numerous reasons to have your security audited by an experienced, professional, and fully independent Risk Consultant.


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Let us review the practice of having the company’s security assessed in-house. Usually this task will fall to the Security Manager or someone within the Security Department of the company. As we are all aware, the duties of the Security Manager are immense. The shoes of the Security Manager are big boots to fill and the task at hand may be too daunting for most.

Often when approached to conduct such an audit of the security, the manager may find that he does not have enough time to do so and unintentionally his other many daily, important responsibilities may become neglected as there is simply just not enough time.

An external and independent Risk Consultant will assist the Security Manager and focus solely on conducting the Security Risk Assessment. The consultant, having dealt with similar security problems before and continuously researching, can provide the best solutions based on the initial investigation findings. Due to close involvement with the company, the Security Manager may not always fully understand the cause of a problem or internal factors negatively affecting security status.

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Stepping on toes

The Security Manager may avoid revealing the full truth of the company’s security status or extent of loss to avoid conflict with colleagues or management. Security Companies may also adopt this approach to protect the Security Manager’s position and prevent contract termination due to revealing the full security status.

The advantage the independent Risk Consultant. has here is that he does not have the same fears and therefore will have no qualms in presenting the full truth to management. Read more on independent security risk consultants. 

Once the assessment explains the problems involved and the company’s decision makers fully understand the situation, they will be more willing to allocate funds to fix the problem.

The Independent Risk Consultant offers a service like no other

Security companies commonly boost sales and maintain contracts by providing their clients with assessments, either for free or at a bargain price. Unfortunately, these assessments are not full, proper Security Risk Assessments but rather Product Assessments.

The security company’s salespeople focus on ensuring specific product purchases during property assessments, relying on limited recommendations from their inventory supplies, often predetermined before inspecting the site.

Clients may not have all threats and weaknesses fully exposed, particularly if the salesperson lacks a relevant solution to the problem.

An independent Risk Consultant conducts extensive research to sufficiently address all threats and provide workable solutions for all issues.

By Andre Mundell Alwinco Independent risk advisor.

Key areas like Bayswater, Bluff, Rondebosch, Carlswald, Melville, Silver Lake, and Sunninghill are all included in our security risk assessment projects.

A Soft approach to crime doesn’t work.

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Written by Andre Mundell

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