Driveway Security Risk Assessment

An Independent Driveway Security Risk Assessment will eliminate the opportunity for a Hijacking.

It might not make the 7 o’clock news anymore, but a very high percentage of attacks occur in the driveway of homes. For this reason, a Driveway Security Risk Assessment has become a necessity

Driveway assessment by Alwinco.
Driveway assessment

Victims are targeted when they are at their most preoccupied and distracted. This can be blamed on busy lifestyles, schedules and other modern-day stresses and pressures. Criminals know this and use the moment of vulnerability to their advantage. They only need a few short seconds to catch you off guard. Residents, homeowners, visitors, businesses and the like are all potential targets.

In some incidents, the driveway hijacking can turn into a burglary. The driver and passengers can be used as a ‘human key’ to gain access to the property.

Crime remains an unpleasant topic and is therefore avoided especially within the family unit and when there are children involved. This consequently results in security not being discussed or fully addressed. Furthermore, we are all guilty of the mindset that “This won’t happen to me or my family”. The need and value of security are often realised too late.

Dreaded brutal bandit holding his victim on gunpoint by Alwinco.
Crime Alwinco

Driveway Security Risk Assessment will reveal and explain all weaknesses and vulnerabilities present that could create the opportunity for a criminal attack. By concentrating on the risk and taking the necessary steps to eliminate such opportunities, crime can actually be prevented.

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The independent Security Consultant can assist you in understanding threat through a Driveway Security Risk Assessment.

Security is more than just hardware

Many assume that security only consists of the hardware installed such as the alarm or the CCTV system; the family guard dog or even the Security Officer posted at the entrance of a gated community. Although this is a featuring factor in successful security, it will fail if the intangible elements are not in place.
Security Awareness and willpower comprise a necessary mindset required to ensure that your security functions at an optimal level. It’s important to remember that not all crime can be stopped. In this event, safety needs to kick in when security is no longer effective.

The Driveway Security Risk Assessment will make you more aware. Knowledge is power and this can be used to avoid hijackings in the future.

Awareness Tips

The main problem that exists in driveways is the fact that the driver of the vehicle is often distracted by their phones or looking for keys, and the like. Your focus should be on the driveway and only once you have safely entered the gate and closed it behind you, can you attend to your phone, and so on.

If you are busy on a call and you are approaching your home, it will be good to put the phone on speaker and ask the person to be patient and just wait until you have entered the property. If something should go wrong and you are attacked, the person on the line will be able to call for help.

Another solution is to have your keys in a designated compartment or area. This is to ensure that you do not have to dig in your handbag or under the seats for the keys. Keep your keys close by when approaching your gate.

Concentrate and pay attention to what is happening in front of you and around you. Pay close attention to your dog’s behavior and if you do not have dogs, have a look at your motion lights as this will give you an indication if there is anyone on the property.

By Andre Mundell Independent risk consultant at Alwinco.

We specialize in security risk assessments for properties, buildings, companies, estates, farms, and homes across multiple locations: Gauteng (including Hatfield, Kempton park, Vorna Valley, Hyde Park, and Moreleta Park), Langenhoven Park, Westville, and Green Point.

What does Security Risk Assessment do?

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Written by Andre Mundell

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