Security Risk Assessment: The Value of a Hotline

As Independent Security Risk Assessment Consultants, Alwinco often receives a lot of information regarding crimes as well as potential modus operandi and so on merely because we work with various informants.

Rumor has it

It has come to our attention that rumors are doing the rounds that sex traffickers are currently operating in and targeting areas where universities, schools and shopping malls are located. We cannot say for certain whether the rumors are true or not; but we do know that where there is smoke, there is usually fire.

On most of the universities, school and shopping center’s websites, we could not locate a hotline number. How can a person get information to the university, school or shopping center regarding any criminal behavior or suspicions anonymously without a hotline?

Hotline: Vital tool in Security

Someone might know something about the presumed sex traffickers operating in the area. They might also have knowledge of another type of crime/s.

Sadly, fear often takes over, and individuals cannot step forward to provide information to the university due to the fear of being identified and possibly harmed.


People who have information about a crime or notices criminal behavior will not and often don’t feel safe to speak to the Security Officers or the Police about their knowledge or what they have witnessed.


Not having a hotline is a risk. A hotline ensures that you can provide information without being identified and running the risk of being hurt, blackmailed, or even killed.

This is a typical example of an unbalanced security structure. Sadly, this applies to most universities and schools, and it even applies to most businesses, hotels, guesthouses, shopping centers and so on.

All of these entities believe that their security is good, that it is adequate and that it will keep everyone safe and secure.

Who do you want to keep out?

The truth is a different story. Who does your security structure keep out? The vendors? The reps? People on the street?

Is your security structure balanced and equipped to keep hardened criminals out? Is your security structure able to identify and eliminate inner crime?

Yes, there are a few universities and schools and other properties who have good security hardware, no doubt about that. The question is; how is it managed? Is it balanced? Do you even know if the security hardware eliminates that risks that lead to crime? Are you aware of what your risks are?

Are you sure that you have an Independent Security Risk Assessment?

If you say yes to knowing what your risks are, my next question is this: Where is your Security Risk Assessment? Do you have one? If not, how could you possibly know what the risks are?

It’s like finding out what you are allergic to. Various tests need to be done before you know exactly what you are allergic to. Without the tests, you are merely guessing.

They implemented and installed the security system, hardware, and services based on guesswork without independently conducting a Security Risk Assessment.


However, criminals don’t act on guesswork; they act on facts and research. Through research, they find opportunities that will enable them to successfully commit a crime. They will only proceed with their plans once they find the opportunity.

What research did you conduct before implementing your security measures?

It is of utmost importance to understand that you can have the best security technology the market has to offer, if it doesn’t cover your risk, it will be of no use. 

Alwinco‘s Specialty

Alwinco specializes in conducting Independent Security Risk Assessments and we know that this is the only way to find the risks before you apply solutions. A Security Risk Assessment is your research, it is your facts and truths regarding the current state of your security. It is also a tool that provides understanding, guidance. As well as solid, feasible and logic solutions to eliminate the risks that lead to crime.

Security exists only when you have eliminated the risks.

No opportunity = No crime.

Written by Andre Mundell

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Written by Andre Mundell

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