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Security risk assessments – Security in estates is often more complex than many realize, primarily because estates are managed like businesses. An estate comprises a blend of homes and commercial companies, which necessitates it being Assessed as a business. Over the past two decades, we have conducted numerous assessments on various estates, providing us with valuable insights into their security requirements. These estates encompass a wide range of properties, including homes, office parks, corporate buildings, warehouses, schools, and shopping malls.istockphoto-157286836-1024x1024 by RichLegg. Through our extensive experience,

we have encountered a multitude of security profiles, granting us a comprehensive understanding of security dynamics in South Africa. With each security risk assessment we undertake, we meticulously compare and cross-reference it with our past assessments. Estates, in particular, present intricate security challenges that may not always be fully appreciated by residents and management alike.

Despite advancements in security technology, many South Africans still cling to outdated notions of property protection, reminiscent of practices from the early 1990s.


The landscape of security has evolved significantly over the past 34 years, necessitating a corresponding evolution in security strategies. Criminals have adapted to these changes, rendering traditional security measures ineffective. Consequently, the evidentiary standards required for legal proceedings related to security breaches have also evolved.

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It is essential for estate managers to comprehend the legal implications of security failures, as emphasized by cases such as Featherbrooke. Victims and their associates may seek legal recourse against those responsible for security oversights. Two distinct types of Security Risk Assessments are prevalent: proactive assessments initiated by estate management to identify and mitigate risks, and reactive assessments conducted in response to security breaches, which often involve inquiries into decision-making processes and accountability.

A thorough review of risk assessments is imperative to identify and address potential risks effectively. For further insights into security assessments, we recommend exploring the provided links.

Sonja who had a different experience with residential security.

Written by Andre Mundell Security Risk Advisor.

Our security risk assessment projects include strategic locations such as Bloemfontein, La Lucia, Kimberly, Midrand, Fourways, Tshwane North, and Waverly in South Africa.

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Written by Andre Mundell

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