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Intro: Security Risk Assessment and Understanding Security:

We firmly believe that a security risk assessment is the only tool that can help you understand your security, assess your risk, and ultimately eliminate the opportunity for crime, Many people choose the bumpy road first before considering a security risk assessment.

A security risk assessment should not only be considered after a crime has occurred; just because nothing has happened to you before doesn’t mean it can’t ever happen.

No one is immune to crime. Our definition of crime is that it is ‘too late’.

Allow me to clarify: a security risk assessment is for the individual or business
  • who wants to understand their security,
  • who truly seeks to understand their potential risks,
  • who wants to know how to efficiently and effectively eliminate the opportunity that leads to crime,
  • who wants to protect their families, employees, products, data, equipment, and so on.
Some people get it right the first time.

others go through various security companies, approaches, and measures, spending thousands on security hardware and services. Eventually, they realize that a security risk assessment is the only way to get value for money and eradicate the opportunity on which criminals thrive.

The truth is, while the most expensive and high-tech security equipment may look impressive on paper and impress your neighbors, if it fails to mitigate the risk, it’s best to return it to its original packaging. You only have security when your solutions eliminate the risks.

Yes, many people approach us after they have been victims of a crime, and we gladly assist with a security risk assessment. However, at the end of the day, the crime has already occurred, and no assessment can ever take that away.

We can prepare you for potential future targets,

but the impact of crime is permanent. It influences the way people think about security, everyday events, shopping, and driving. They think differently about life.

In short, a security risk assessment is for someone serious about eliminating the risks that create an opportunity for crime.
  • It is for the person who has done the tango with crime.
  • Someone who realizes that the effects of crime cannot be reversed.
  • It is someone who understands that crime cannot be undone and the scars it leaves never truly heal.

You need to be aware of the four individuals with firearms entering your property at 2 a.m. or the group of people vandalizing and breaking into your buildings.

In summary, a security risk assessment is the only document that can assist you
  • to understand your security,
  • to understand the risk, and
  • to understand the solutions that would eliminate the risks.
Security Risk Assessment and Understanding Security,

Written by Andre Mundell Independent Security Risk Consultant.

Our security risk assessment projects are focused on the Gauteng Region, which includes Sunny Side, Bedfordview, Midrand, Rivonia. Additionally, we cover Bloemfontein, Chatsworths, and Bloubergstrand.

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Written by Andre Mundell

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