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Become a Security Risk Assessor

Risk assessment – Alwinco is looking for highly talented persons who wish to gain a deeper understanding of Security Risk Assessments.

Experience in Security Risk Assessments is not necessary, however, experience in the security industry will be to your advantage. PR, Marketing and Project skills is beneficial.

This is a unique opportunity to increase and develop your skills which will unlock a plethora of doors for you.

Learner ship program

The Learner ship Program is for individuals who want to advance their career in the challenging and diverse world of security assessments and consulting.

The learner ship program offers a ‘Spotter’ position which will provide the necessary skills and knowledge to become a Security Risk Assessor. A ‘Spotter’s’ responsibility is to ‘spot’ which companies require Independent Security Risk Assessments.

This position is ideal for anyone looking to earn an additional income. It is also the first step to becoming a Security Risk Assessor.

Understanding the concept

Many individuals do not understand the concept of a Security Risk Assessment. During the Learner ship Program, we will teach you the definitions and concepts and we will point out certain aspects that need to be looked at when identifying risks and providing solutions. Conveying the findings without fully understanding the concept, it will be very difficult, if not impossible.

The success of an Independent Security Risk Assessment lies in the understanding thereof and a vital part of the process is to ensure that your client fully understands this concept.

Clear communication

If the purpose, findings, and solutions of the assessment are not communicated effectively, it will inevitably lead to distrust and failure. While we cannot teach communication skills, we will provide tools to enhance your chances of success

The ‘Spotter’ program serves as an ideal learning tool to facilitate understanding of Independent Security Risk Assessments and to encourage the acquisition of new communication skills.


The ‘Spotter’ program is low-cost to everyone involved and works on a commission basis. If you successfully ‘spot’ a company that requires our service, you will receive a commission. Alwinco is a virtual company which makes working from any location a possibility.

The next step

The Spotter Program was developed due to the need for Security Risk Assessors. People tend to follow the mainstream approach in assessing risk and this is not the right way.

The main problem is that most Assessors think from the ‘what’ perspective, meaning they look at the sale of a product rather than the identification of the security risk.

What makes the Spotter Program unique is that it forces the ‘spotter’ focus on the ‘Risk Assessment’ concept and not on the solution aspect of the assessment.

Changing a person’s perception and way of thinking about this concept is not as simple as it sounds. The general approach is to make the solution fit the risk; however, this does not work as can be seen in the crime statistics. If this approach worked over the last 50 years, we would not have the crime that we are dealing with now.

A Security Risk Assessor needs to look at the risk first and then find a solution to fit the risk. This is what most Security Risk Assessors lack.
This program also teaches and forces the individual to understand the Risk Assessment concept as well as to speak to people about this concept.

A Risk Assessor must be able to communicate the findings and information to their clients. This forms part of being a Risk Assessor.
We can provide the necessary information and a writer to assist you in compiling a Risk Assessment, but we cannot represent you verbally. A Risk Assessor must communicate effectively, including making calls, relaying information, and arranging meetings to understand the assessment’s scope and people involved. This is essential for service delivery. You should be prepared to handle rejection and client resistance, as they may not always agree with the assessment findings.

You must thoroughly grasp the concept of a Security Risk Assessment to confidently address any security and risk-related inquiries from various stakeholders such as the Board of Directors, Management team, or concerned homeowners.

The spotter program

The Spotter Program provides thorough training to prepare individuals as proficient Security Risk Assessors. It covers all aspects of assessments, focusing on identifying security risks, crucial for crime prevention.

Alwinco aims to recruit more Independent Security Risk Assessors, but this endeavor is challenging when individuals lack a solid understanding of the concept. Moreover, investing in training individuals only to lose them within three months is neither practical nor fair.

controlling and monitoring

Controlling and monitoring the movements of Spotters across South Africa is challenging due to their widespread distribution.
Therefore, we have decided to compensate them with a commission. While being a Spotter offers the flexibility of working from home, it also requires effort to earn income. However, dedication and hard work in the Spotter Program guarantee fruitful outcomes, with the added benefit of continuous learning opportunities.

Nowadays we need to think out of the box if we want to survive. I believe that COVID-19 has shown us that we need to be prepared for anything and we can no longer rely on a fixed salary. Many people have moved over to a commission-based income in order to survive.

Individuals interested in the Spotter Program should have a keen interest in ‘risk’; they must desire to understand, learn, and practice it.

Also, becoming a Security Risk Assessor is not a stepping-stone. It is a career. If you think of taking on the Spotter Program until you find something else, I urge you to reconsider.

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Written by Andre Mundell Independent Security Risk Assessor Alwinco.

Security risk assessments are accessible through our services in Fauna, La lucia, Rondebosch, Waterkloof, Menlynn, Kempton park, Midrand, and additional key urban centers.

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Written by Andre Mundell

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