Job Opportunity – ‘Spotter’

The ideal opportunity.

Job opportunity – This is an ideal opportunity for students, pensioners, reps, stay-at-home-parents or any person who may have an interest in security or marketing to earn an additional income.
Any individuals interested in this opportunity should possess an existing contact list or business connections, as this opportunity does not involve door-to-door marketing.

The ‘Spotter’ program.

A Spotter’s responsibility is to ‘spot’ which companies require Security Risk Assessments.

We originally designed this position for individuals seeking additional income, especially students and the elderly. We believe the ‘Spotter’ position will serve as the perfect ‘learner ship program’ for any prospective Security Risk Assessor.

New Concept.

Part of our aim at Alwinco is to introduce and familiarize individuals and companies with the concept of a Security Risk Assessment. Currently, this is a rather new concept in South Africa which results in a general misconception of the goals and principles of the assessment.

We offer this opportunity to those who would like to assist us to introduce this concept to as many individuals and companies as possible. Should you prove successful, this will become a very lucrative opportunity.

The right direction

Likely candidates will be provided with the relevant material providing enough information regarding the Risk Assessment. You’re not expected to grasp the entire concept fully, just enough to pique interest in those you approach. For tender processes, you only need to direct us to the tender, nothing more.

Once the third party (Client) expresses interest, we’ll arrange an appointment with Alwinco. If commissioned for an assessment through your introduction, you’ll receive 7% to 10% of the assessment total, based on property size and type. Payment is made upon the client’s deposit before assessment begins.

This ‘Spotter’ position is a freelance position and will not entail being a fulltime employee of Alwinco.
Once we have the relevant amounts for the referral fee, you will need to provide Alwinco with an invoice to add to the record.

Further opportunities.

If this sounds promising to you, I would like you to consider the possibilities of this opportunity.
If you can connect us with management or directors of franchises like Checkers, Wimpy, or Mr. Price, and we secure a nationwide contract covering multiple branches, you’ll earn a commission for assessments on each store property. These corporations typically prefer assessing 25-30 branches nationwide. Such a contract ensures a steady income for several months without requiring further involvement from you.

Alwinco’s expectations.

This offer suits individuals seeking part-time income or to supplement their full-time earnings. It’s an opportunity for those interested in earning extra revenue. As explained, you will not actively participate in the actual assessment conducted by Alwinco.

All that is expected is for you to engage in conversation and spread the word about Alwinco’s unique service. You need to pass on the benefits of the assessment. Prospective clients must understand that a Security Risk Assessment is crucial for proactive crime prevention.

Alternatively, Alwinco will consider you for a permanent position if you possess the skills to grasp our unique Security Risk Assessment methodology.


Kindly contact me should you have any further questions or seek additional information regarding this unique job opportunity.

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Written by Andre Mundell

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