How is Alwinco able to provide accurate advice in regards to crime prevention?

Alwinco’s approach towards crime and consequently security is novel, unmatched and unique. To be able to understand the company’s methodology and distinctive understanding it is necessary to look at the background and the relevant determining factors in place in regards to the company’s founder, André Mundell.

For 21 years, André Mundell worked for the SAPS. He was promoted to Head Investigator and Task Force Manager for 15 of those years. André Mundell has altogether been involved in crime prevention for a grand sum total of almost 30 years in the running.

Being in the aforementioned position with the police force, André was granted the rare opportunity to personally view and analyse hundreds of crime scenes. Additionally he was able to conduct countless interviews with the perpetrators and the victims of these crimes. André used this opportunity to take extensive notes where he analysed similarities and patterns by comparing the characteristics of each case with others. Through this method André was able to deduce that certain factors were present at each scene that contributed to the fact that a crime had occurred there. By reviewing this data, André derived and formulated the art of reverse crime engineering which allowed him to determine the factors in place leading up to a crime before the crime ever took place. By eliminating these opportunities available for the criminal to commit a crime, André realised that he was accurately able to predict a future crime and that crime could then actually be proactively prevented.

André began to formulate and create the concept of the Security Risk Assessment due to all the knowledge he had gained by analysing all the data collected. Upon introducing this new concept through the internet via blogs and forums, André was well received by the public and he then realised that such a service was not only necessary but would provide a valuable tool to all property owners into the future. Security could now be measured and the value thereof could be accurately communicated and determined. Hence Alwinco was born.

One of Alwinco’s successes is to remain steadfastly independent despite many trying to sway us in this regards. It is our very independency which allows us to be able to provide our clients with the truth regarding their actual security status. Our knowledge is forever growing due to tireless and ongoing research into criminal trends, latest releases in the industry and other security related matters. This is to ensure that we are able to provide our clients with the best possible recommendations in regards to their security.

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