Retainer Contract

Retainer Contract

It’s like having your own Security Office

Most business managers, while they are deeply concerned for the security of their assets and staff, do not have the necessary skills to create a good security plan. This is completely understandable; security is an enormous field and there are plenty of fly-by-night companies that will happily pull the wool over their client’s eyes as to the quality and efficacy of their products.

A second problem is that most managers believe that security is a ‘one time installation’, after which one can expect a system to tick along and do its job. This is not the case. Security strategies need to be built-in layers and managed continually in order to be truly effective.

As security professionals our job is to not give up. We have to keep educating and convincing those in leadership positions; CEO’s and MD’s and business owners of the importance of commissioning regular security risk assessments.

If companies have the right security in place, it is a business enabler. It is difficult to change existing perceptions, but this is the challenge we need to face.

Other than educating oneself (which is a daunting task) and dedicating an inordinate amount of time to the management of security systems, the most practical way to ensure that your security products and protocols will actually work for you, is to enlist the services of a trained crime prevention expert who is not affiliated any security vendor (to ensure the prioritization of the client’s needs against vendor sales targets). This is where Alwinco’s risk assessment-inclusive retainer can be of meaningful benefit.

The project management retainer model is one in which our team of security professionals will oversee and monitor security on your premises for the cost of a modestly paid employee.

In this model, clients enter into a prearranged agreement with Alwinco which includes:

  1. A full security risk assessment
  2. A security plan
  3. Ongoing security research (products and threats)
  4. Ongoing risk management advice to decision makers at board to accommodate changing scenarios
  5. Monthly meetings with security companies
  6. Security service levels
  7. Security standard operating procedure
  8. Annual or bi-annual security surveys/audits
  9. SAPS communication
  10. Security workshops
  11. Investigations
  12. Request quotations (RFQ) applicable from security service providers on behalf of client
  13. Advice on hiring and appointing of contractors
  14. Monthly security management reports

Alwinco concerns itself with crime prevention at grass roots level, putting you in control so that your chances of ever experiencing an incident are minimized as far as humanly possible.

Alwinco will give your security systems the attention to detail and conformity to standards that truly effective security requires. Having an expert team in charge of your security needs has the built-in advantage of allowing us, as your dedicated partners, to strategize cohesive and comprehensive systems that run smoothly on your behalf as opposed to sporadic contributions from uninvolved parties which prove ineffective in the long run. We will also provide you with information regularly, deal with security contracts and screen security companies to make sure that you get the right security service.

The specific advantage of the retainer model is that budgeting becomes simpler for the client. The cost of the security risk assessments and other aspects of the program are spread over the contract period, lightening the load and making costs easy to predict.