Why Should You Invest in a Security Risk Assessment?

Understanding WHY you should invest in a Security Risk Assessment is as crucial as understanding the benefits, concepts and the like of such an assessment.why-ann-h-15368263 by . assessment

Knowing WHY you need a Security Risk Assessment will make the ‘HOW’, ‘WHEN’ and ‘WHERE’ easier to understand. Understanding all of these aspects ensures that the right decisions are made regarding security.

The reason why you should invest in a Security Risk Assessment is simple and rather straightforward. It’s the guide to placing you in control of your security.

Let’s say you want to purchase a vehicle. First, you KNOW what this vehicle needs to do to meet your needs. You will either look for a rugged 4×4 for driving in the bushes. Or perhaps a safe and reliable family vehicle or a fast and economical city car. Either way, you know what the requirements and specifications are, and you can tell the salesperson what YOU want.

In Control

You don’t go to any car salesman and purchase whatever they have on special, do you? Knowing what you want, ensures that you can give your specifications to the salesman. This ensures that he gives you what you need.

The same applies to a Security Risk Assessment. The purpose of a Risk Assessment is to identify all the risks. Once the risks have been identified, you will be supplied with solutions specific to YOUR risks.

You are then in the position to tell the salesman what security equipment YOU require and not purchase what they have on special or the equipment they get a commission on.

Once you have the security hardware, software and services linked directly to your security risks, you will be in control of your security.

Being in control of your security is the ultimate goal and with a Security Risk Assessment, you will definitely be in control.

Written by Andre Mundell.

Our specialty is doing security risk assessments for homes, buildings, businesses, estates, farms, and residences in various locations throughout Gauteng (Pretoria, Johannesburg, Midrand, Sandton, and Centurion), Bloemfontein, Durban, and Cape Town.

Cost of Ignorance

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Written by Andre Mundell

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