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As Security assessor-We get asked the following question nearly every week:

Why don’t corporate companies, businesses, shopping malls and Security Estates invest in a Security Risk Assessment?

Good question!

Various potential reasons exist for this, with the most prolific hurdle at the moment being PSIRA.

Entities often know that not all security personnel they employ, such as Security Officers, installers, and Security Companies, hold PSIRA registration. Consequently, they are hesitant about having an assessor inspect their operations.

Managers and business owners sometimes acknowledge that their security measures are inadequate but fear that highlighting these shortcomings will reflect poorly on them, leading them to avoid assessments altogether.

In instances where a security assessor hasn’t identified risks and deficiencies, individuals may believe they still have a chance to plead innocence and ignorance if an incident occurs.

Consequently, they are hesitant about having an assessor inspect their operations.

A critical bit of information to remember.

Effective security risk assessments serve as educational tools for estate directors, encouraging them to make educated decisions and offering a framework for dealing with security risks. Risk assessments are one of the essential concepts in security. Unfortunately, most estates lack structured security meetings and minutes and fail to prioritize security education for residents when things go wrong.

Another reason is that there are too many ‘friends’ and ‘favors’ when it comes to Security Solutions. 

These reasons and excuses are not justifiable, but unfortunately, they are what we encounter daily.

Written by Andre Mundell.

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Written by Andre Mundell

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