People often call us and tell us they need a professional security risk assessment. They also reiterate that they do not want an assessment affiliated with any security company. Further to this, they do not want someone who is going to sell them something.

This is precisely what Alwinco does. We are independent security risk assessors and are not affiliated with any security company, installer, or salesperson. Alwinco also does not sell any products.

Remember that when Alwinco starts with a Security Assessment, we want to start on a blank slate. This means we do not want to be influenced by other people’s ideas and comments about the property’s security.

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Independent Security Risk Assessment

We do, however, need some information to put the proposal together. We ask questions that will help us plot the information on the grid, ultimately giving us a price. These questions relate to the movement, occupancy, entrances, exits, and the like.

We have noticed that even though people request a professional security risk assessment, they tend to drag their heels when questions are asked to compile the proposal. To make matters worse, when we have finalised the proposal, we never hear from them again. Even when we follow up, they just never get back to us.

When something goes wrong, we will get a call and ask to start the security assessment immediately. I will never understand why people wait for crime to strike and only want to jump around and get the Security Risk Assessor on board as quickly as possible. It is like playing Russian roulette with your life.

Some people just pick up the phone and ask us the price for a security risk assessment. They do not even share the location, the type of building, the number of levels in the building, and so on, with us.

Think about it. If you are house hunting and you tell the agent you are looking to buy a house, the agent will have some questions to ask before he can give you a price for what you are looking for.

They still need to know where you want the house to be located, the size, if you want a pool, if you would prefer a jacuzzi, or perhaps you would like a garage and not just a carport. All these aspects must be considered when a price is given, even if it is an estimate.

The same applies to a security risk assessment.

People want professional service, but they do not want to give information that will make professional service possible.

They even tell us that they have had bad experiences with previous assessors promising independence but ending up selling security hardware, but sadly, when you need them to cooperate and provide information, people are not too keen.

I am unsure why this happens; perhaps it is just too much effort or an inconvenience. But, I am sure about the service that we provide. As an Independent Security consultant, I can assure you that we provide a professional and truly independent service.

Do you now understand why we are losing the battle against crime? – Andre Mundell

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Written by Andre Mundell

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