What exactly is the Security Risk Assessment?

The Security Risk Assessment is an intricate and extensive process that consists of 3 main phases. The first phase constitutes of the actual investigation of the property in a multitude of levels from the outside in. Physical aspects such as the location of the site, the actual construction of the buildings and the existing security hardware and procedures are thoroughly examined and audited, as well as a myriad of non-physical attributes that are not always factored in by other assessors.

Once all this data is analysed and cross-referenced, the 2nd phase of active research kicks in to ensure that our clients receive the best advice possible. Although our research is continuous throughout, more focus on specific, unique requirements are addressed and if necessary, a 3rd party expert such as supplier, manufacturer or installer will be consulted without any additional cost to our client.

The 3rd and last phase consists of the compilation of the full Security Risk Assessment report detailing all risks and vulnerabilities within your security status in a concise and easy to understand manner as revealed by the initial investigation phase. Various solutions are then provided within the individualistic Security Plan so that our clients have the necessary knowledge to proceed in good decision making in regards to the enhancement and upgrade of their security, both in the present and into the future. The Security Risk Assessment provides you with full control of your security.

Please note that this is a lengthy process. There are no accurate checklists available to determine risk or rate it and security cannot be guesswork to be successful.

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