Security Plans

When you take the lowest bidder to provide you with security, you are surely asking for trouble and you will usually get the service that accompanies the price tag.

Cheap or Secure? Unfortunately, it can’t be both.

Allow me to elaborate.

As Risk Assessors, we deal with a multitude of different types of clients on a daily basis in the form of homeowners, Estates, businesses, schools, corporate companies, etc. who all have one thing in common – they want to be safe and secure.

However, the difference between these entities lies in how much they are willing to pay to ensure their safety and security.

All too often these entities request quotes based on their specifications only to choose the cheapest quote in the pile. Or someone who knows a guy will get the job without even considering the fact that he might not even know what he is doing when it comes to security.

To be blunt, people want to cut costs in all the wrong places as I believe life, security and safety should not even be considered if you are not willing to get the best there is.

A Security Risk Assessment does exactly this. It gives you the best possible options to eliminate the risks. This is what it is all about at the end of the day – the less risk – the less opportunity for a criminal to be successful.

Yes, you have to pay for this advice, just like you need to pay a doctor for his diagnosis. The medication is another cost if you want to be healed. The same goes for a Risk Assessment. You pay for the sound, independent, truthful advice on how to eliminate the risks from your property, and in turn, should you follow the advice, you will have a proper security system in place.

Why cut costs when it comes to the price of being secure? Why not cut costs on company cars and expensive luxuries? That would be the wiser option, and in the end, when your security is running smoothly, who knows, you just might be able to afford all the luxuries with all the money you saved over the years when all the theft, inner crime, etc. have vanished from your business.

Think about it. Is good, solid security really worth cutting costs?

Security is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution, and Alwinco is focused on creating complete security solutions based on your very specific and unique needs.

Crimes are often executed under the influence of intoxicants and gang involvement or are the result of mental instability, all of which affect behaviour profoundly, making criminals dangerously unpredictable. We fail to understand the extent to which these individuals simply do not fear any consequences for their actions.

The solution to this issue is to have a professional Security Risk Assessment done, which will equip you with meaningful, well thought-through strategies customised for the specific risks faced by your company and or home.

A Security Risk Assessment is crucial in our daily fight against crime is a must-have for the effective establishment of a secure home, building, company and family.

Development of a security plan

We will develop an effective, formalised action plan incorporating utilisation of technology for upgrading your current security status. A criminal act requires desire, ability and opportunity. Removing any one of these elements prevents the crime from taking place. Our aim is to remove the OPPORTUNITY for crime as this is the only element we have control over.

Written by Andre Mundell

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