Independent Security Risk Assessment

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Service Providers: Their role in a Security Risk Assessment

Service Providers: Their role in a Security Risk Assessment Security Risk Assessment – Service providers play a crucial role in various industries, from security to maintenance and consulting. In this article, we explore what service providers do and the interactions they have with professionals like security risk assessors. What is a Service Provider? A service …

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Security is Willpower

Security risk assessment willpower. Security is willpower. As impossible as it may seem, people still do not understand security. I came to this conclusion based on people’s responses to emails, proposals, and the types of questions they ask. Living in a digital, information-loaded age, one would expect that a concept such as ‘security’ would be …

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Residential security risk – Handbook of 2022

Residential security risk-Below we have attached three links that form part of one publication, “The Resident’s Handbook of 2022.” The first link will take you to the PDF version of the entire magazine. The second link will take you to the article about Security Risk Assessments based on an interview with the Editor of …

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December 2019

Independent security risk assessment – Like so many previous Decembers in South Africa, December 2019 lived up to the crime, violence and murder expectations. No surprises there. The devastation of crime equally affects all Businesses, homes, schools, government facilities, corporate companies, estates, shopping centres and so on. So many people came home after their well-deserved …

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Security Control is Key

SECURITY CONTROL IS KEY Even if you have security measures in place, security control is vital in ensuring that your security is successful.  The Security Risk Assessment will ultimately provide you with this power. By conducting an extensive physical security investigation that encompasses various layers and goes beyond the onsite hardware, we can identify and …

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